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The Mission Statement
of Precision Pet Products

Precision Pet's primary purpose is to glorify God in all we do.

Precision Pet Products will strive at all times to be known as a company with an outstanding reputation for service, quality and value.

To be a company where ALL customers, no matter how large or small, feel as though they are the number one priority.

To provide a positive working environment where we can all work as a team towards established company goals.

To provide all employees an opportunity to earn a fair living for an honest day's work.

To be a positive influence on all those we deal within the normal course of business.

To be known for honesty, integrity and reliability. We will stand behind the commitments we make and the products we sell.

To be sensitive and respectful to all those with whom we deal, in everything we do.

To be profitable through the success of our employees, our customers and our suppliers.

We at Precision Pet Products believe in everyone’s right to enjoy the special relationship that pet ownership brings, and we are vehemently against the mistreatment of animals.