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Gold Line Exercise Pen (GXP Model)
The Best Choice for Adding or Removing Panels.

Versatile and Adaptable to Your Needs*

  • Add or Remove Panels Easily
  • Panels Link Together with Removable Pins
  • Recessed Fasteners Prevent Scratched Floors
  • Comes with Long-lasting Gold Zinc Coating
  • Eight 2 ft.-wide Panels, Solid Steel Wire Construction
  • Optional Tops Available - 48 in. Panels Serve as Tops for Pens Configured in a 48 in. Square

*Not Available in All Markets

Why an Exercise Pen?

  • Keeps Pets Away from Danger and Gives Them a "Yard" of Their Own
  • No Exposed Screws, Wires or Pins to Injure Your Pet
  • Provides Breathing Room and Visibility for Your Pet
  • Offers an Easy Way to Manage Your Pet Regardless of Your Surroundings
  • Easy to Transport
  • Easy to Set Up, Take Down and Store

The Very Best Quality

Durable construction. Includes eight 2 ft-wide panels totaling 16 feet in length. All pens have a zinc electroplate finish, added after welding, to reinforce protection and increase the pen's value. 

Varying styles and heights meet varying needs and budgets.

*Not Available in All Markets